Photo Gallery – Events

There’s always something going on at Semmering – whether it’s summer or winter!

  • Events in Winter

Snow – Fun – Sunshine…

The Panhanswiese is particularly popular for events in winter, but we also organize one or the other party and tailor-made events there in summer with various partners. For companies as well as private groups, we design an exciting experience program at Semmering – from (company) excursions, incentives and team building to private festivities.

As an example we have a few photos of “Santora” (December 2006).

  • Events in Summer

Walking in ALMA’s Footsteps

Paulus Manker describes the Kurhaus Semmering as an “undisclosed” treasure, in which he settles his long-established “Alma production” in 2007. Alma’s success story has been perpetuating since 1996. Initially anchored in the Purkersdorf sanatorium for six years, the spectacle went halfway around the world: to Venice, Lisbon, Los Angeles and Berlin. The Kurhaus is one of the enchanted grand hotels on Semmering. Founded in 1909 for the restless or sickly noblesse – Reinhard, Kainz, Schnitzler, Werfel and Alma Mahler were among the guests and visitors. To the performance: Paul Manker staged “A L M A” in sixteen rooms and halls, some of which were splendid and architecturally overwhelming, as well as on the terrace with a paradisiacal view.

Soapbox Race

Young and old are obviously having great fun in the soapbox race.

PS Strong Events

Luxurious sports cars, exclusive vintage cars and other spectacular vehicles make regular stops at the Semmering.